Friday, January 4, 2013

The best diaper sewing mistake I've made yet

Before baby girl was born, we were given quite a few oso cozy prefolds as a gift. Some are better fits, which have been great for us. The rest, however, are larger sizes, which given that our baby has a rather tiny bottom, even for a baby, I don't see ever fitting her well. Still, I wanted to be able to use them. I tend to feel guilty if I never use something someone gave me.

While looking at diaper sewing patters, way back before baby was born, I came across an idea to turn a prefold into a fitted. I decided to give it a try. That same day, we went out and bought some flannel, and I got busy cutting and sewing. I actually hand sewed that first diaper, and now 8 months later it's still in use. I used the prefold and sewed a layer of flannel on top of it, easy as that.

Well, recently I got to thinking about how easy that had been to make, and how great of a diaper it's been functionally. So I thought, I wonder what happens if I sew 2 layers of flannel on instead of just one? I set to work sewing a new diaper. Only, somehow I got distracted. (Gee, I wonder how!). I completely forget to turn the fabrics, and wound up sewing them so that the prefold layer became sandwiched in between the two layers of flannel. I decided to give it a try anyhow, and gave it the ultimate test by putting it on baby over night.

Baby girl has worn this diaper many nights now for 12+ hours. While some mornings, the diaper itself is pretty wet, her skin is always completely dry. If I lay a doubler inside of this diaper, the diaper doesn't even wet through some nights. Now I wonder if it would work as well, had I not sandwiched the prefold by accident? I guess I better do some experimenting to find out.

Mostly, I'm relieved I've found something useful to do with the millions of receiving blankets we were given too. I think I know what my first diaper giveaway might be. ;)


Meleakua said...

Sounds like a happy accident! :) i would love to see the pattern or a picture of the diaper you made! i still have some prefolds that would be great to maybe still be able to use now that they're too small to be used as prefolds anymore!
Happy creating! :)

Angela Mack said...

I am going to be completely honest...I am terrible and using actual patterns, or directions for much of anything for that matter. I always seem to have better luck when I make things up myself. I usually measure baby and use those measurement to determine how wide to make her diapers, or if she isn't cooperative, another thing that works is to trace a diaper that fits well. Just be sure if you do that, you stretch the elastic, or it will wind up too small! I'll also get some diaper pics posted in the next few days to maybe help give you an idea. Oh and you could also convert your prefolds into inserts for pocket diapers. (Whew that was a long comment!)

Chloe Salerno said...

How great that the mistake turned our well!

Laura said...

I would love to see a picture of this! Great that its working out so well for you guys.

Katie W said...

Been sewing my receiving blankets into prefold-like burp rags. Tempted now to try a diaper conversion.