Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Daddy Time & More

Jeff decided this morning to take baby girl out with him for awhile, so that I can get a break. I love that he does these things for me. What I love even more though, is how excited she got about it. She couldn't get away from me fast enough. She isn't usually quite so eager to leave Mama, however she hasn't had much Daddy time in over a week now, because he's been sick and probably a bit over worried about her catching it. So by yesterday, when he was finally willing to get close to her again, she was more than ready to give him lots of hugs. I just hope she is good in the car today. She's not always so good in the car, which can put a damper on fun plans.

I've also been thinking, I wish we could find a playgroup for her. There is a store nearby us that has a couple of different groups, including a Dad's group. I think would be awesome for Jeff to be able to take her to. The problem is the groups are all at 10am, and we live a good 30 minute drive away, longer sometimes in winter. Baby girl is rarely up and ready to leave the house before 10. I wish they had groups in the afternoon, because then it would be worth making the drive.

I've thought about trying to find something local, or even starting something, but to be honest, I'm not quite sure how to go about doing this? I know very few people where we live, and most the parents I do know have totally different parenting styles than ours. Maybe this doesn't really matter? I might try looking around to see if I can find enough interest to start a playgroup in the afternoon one day a week. Of course, I'd also have to figure out where to have it.

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