Monday, January 7, 2013

Baby Likes to Poop (on the toilet).

Let's talk briefly about elimination communication. I say briefly because baby girl is getting more teeth, and thus in need of lots of attention today.

Anyhow elimination communication, for those who don't know, is basically introducing baby to the toilet early, by learning to follow their cues that they have to go. Believe it or not, even very young babies have such cues. There are a variety of ways of doing this, and I am no expert, so please keep in mind that this post is simply about what has worked for us.

I started holding baby over the toilet at just a few weeks old. She was strong enough to support her head, otherwise I would have waited. My main reasons for doing so was that baby girl seemed to wait for a clean diaper, or at least until her diaper was off to go, and she'd get pretty upset about being wet or poopy. So I started holding her over the toilet at diaper changes.

I haven't done this at every change, or even every day. I mainly would do so when she'd act restless about having a diaper put on her. I take this as a cue she needs to go, and it usually is.

Another thing we have done is given her plenty of diaper free time, and not shamed her if she pees or poops on the floor, the bed, anywhere. We want her to feel completely normal about her urges to go. It's not like she will purposely potty on the floor as she gets older. Interestingly enough,despite our best efforts to make her feel like it's totally okay if she does pee or poop somewhere besides her diaper or the toilet, she gets noticeably embarrassed when it does happen. Thus, I'm not worried.

Recently that she has been telling me she needs to go. She has been getting my attention in whatever way she can, and then grunting. The last few times she has even waited until I got her on the toilet to poop. I'm also earning to be patient with her when she crawls away at diaper changes. This too, usually means she has to go. I just have to remember there is no rush to get a diaper on her, and take her to the bathroom.

I don't know that this means she will potty train early, nor do I care. We always follow her lead. If she doesn't want to sit on the tooilet, we never make her. As long as she is happy, then Mama is happy, and if pooping on the toilet at 8 months old makes her happy, then I'm all for it. :)

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