Saturday, December 8, 2012

Our Favorite Things pt 2

The second item I'd like to talk about, that really was a great investment for us is our kissaluv size 0 v.2.0 fitted diapers, seen here. There are many things we like about these diapers. They are easy to adjust and put on, absorbent, easy to clean, and best of all, they fit baby great. We have definitely gotten our moneys worth with these. It should come as no surprise to anyone who knows either my husband or myself, our baby is lacking in the butt department. So, at nearly 7 months old, she is still rocking her size 0 fitteds. So far, the only diapers we have gotten to fit as well are others I have made, or that have been made for us. We've tried a variety of OS pocket diapers, and no matter what we do, we get leaks.

The one downside to these diapers, or at least I know it to be troublesome for some parents, is that they get VERY wet. I've had some friends try them and say they leaked through in minutes. I'm honestly baffled by this, because our baby wears them overnight, and while the diaper itself is soaked by morning, (she usually wears the same diaper for 10-12hrs), her skin is usually fairly dry. That said, this diaper definitely does work best with a cover.

So, basically what I am saying here is that these diapers have been awesome for us, because apparently fitted diapers work great for babies with small bums.

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Beth R said...

That is interesting that for others they soak right through. I noticed with a few that I didn't prep enough times I had leaks right away but once I properly prepped they have done great for us too!