Friday, December 21, 2012

Baby's 1st Words!

Baby girl has been babbling, and umm yelling (haha), for awhile now. She has the sweetest little voice. She can also be VERY loud. She gets that honestly, from her Daddy. I am usually quiet...usually. Lately though, I have noticed she has been trying to say certain sounds at the appropriate times. I have been telling Jeff for a few days that she is indeed saying, "Dada." Last night he finally noticed, as she looked right at him and said it, and I'm not sure who looked prouder, him or baby girl. It was one of our sweetest moments yet. She is also trying "Mama" but so far we just get one syllable, "Ma" and a smile.

This morning, after her Daddy left for work, she sat on the bed looking all around saying, "Dada Dada Dada." She loves him so much, and that makes me one happy Mama. :)

I am also convinced she is saying, "yay!" At least, the other night when we put her to bed she did. She stood up in the bed, put a big smile on her face and said, "yay!" We have been congratulating her for standing, and other various things lately. Oh and believe me it was a challenge for both of us not to laugh at her in that moment. We did tell her she did a good job standing, but it was time to lay down, and laid her back down. I didn't want to completely ignore how proud she was of herself.


Fiddlin' Dandi said...

It's always so exciting when they learn a new word. Our son's favorite new one is "weee, weee, weee!"

Beth R said...

Oh that is so cute!! Just wait until she says mama your heart will literally melt.

Rebecca Rushton said...

Fun! My 7 month old has been saying dada a lot, directly to dad many times. Its so fun!

Angela Mack said...

She said Mama today, clear as a bell, and Beth was right, my heart melted. I left the room for a minute, walked back in, and she looked up at me and said it. So sweet! Now if I could just get her to say it again.