Sunday, November 11, 2012

Who doesn't like giveaways?

I've decided I really need to put my crafty skills to good use, and maybe work towards starting a wahm business. I am sewing our own diapers now, for example. Why not make some for others as well? Of course, it will be some time before I can really get something going. I'd like to explore with more fabrics and patterns, figure out what works best for which babies, you know, make the perfect specimen of a diaper, or at least as close to perfect as possible. What better way to test different diapers and fabrics than to give some away to others to try out? The ONLY catch will be, if you win a diaper I give away, I ask that you please be willing to let me know how it worked for you. I won't be offended if it didn't work at all. The goal is to figure out which fabrics and designs really do work the best. So keep your eye out for periodic giveaways posted on this blog. Maybe we'll even have our first one soon!

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