Saturday, November 10, 2012

Happy Half Year To Our Sweet Girl!

   My name is Angela, and I am wife to a very loving husband, and mama to a beautiful baby girl, who turned 6 months today!  I've been wanting to start a blog on our adventures in parenting, and the joys and trials of having become a sahm in the past few months. Mostly joys in our case, despite at times feeling like I could really use a break. I have very much been enjoying our life.

    Still it almost seems a shame to have not started this blog sooner. I learned so much in the past 6 months, that I could have been sharing with others. For some reason, I really got to thinking about how wonderful my life has been since baby girl was born, May 10, 2012, and also about how many things we've learned, and still have to learn as parents. So I decided, it's time to start blogging.

   I'm not going to make any silly goals, like attempting to post about every little event, or even posting every day. I'm just going to post when the inspiration hits me, and believe me it will hit. I already have a few categories in mind. Hopefully everyone who reads this blog will keep an open mind, and remember just because something works for us, doesn't mean it will be the right way for you. On the flip side, please feel free to offer any suggestions or advice to any tribulations I post about. We understand that your suggestions might not always be right for us either, but we are always willing to listen, and to take everything into consideration when it comes to figuring out what does work for us. All that said, please keep comments respectful, not only to us, but to other readers as well.

    Some of you may be wondering where the blog name came from? I spent ages trying to think up a good blog name. Yesterday, I sat looking at our sweet sleeping baby girl, and suddenly remembered how on the day of her birth, our doctor held her and said, "you really are a perfect specimen." I realized how true this is, she is perfect to us in every way. More than that though, children everywhere are perfect specimens. Everything about every child, from what they look like, to their in it's own way, perfect.

**Stay tuned. Our first official blog post, aside from this intro, will be a fun one!

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